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The EU Referendum and the Capitalist Left

The EU Referendum and the Capitalist Left

Counterfire, The SWP, the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist Leninist), the Socialist Party and George Galloway’s Respect Party have all come out in favour of voting against Britain staying in the European Union.


Why do they want to join with a band of right-wing mavericks, racists and free traders underpinned by business largesse from a section of the capitalist class who do have an interest in leaving? What is in it for them?

When the Respect Party leader was questioned about his unlikely relationship with the right-wing UKIP leader over Twitter, Mr Galloway said: “We are not pals. We are allies in one cause. Like Churchill and Stalin…” (INDEPENDENT 21st February 2016)

One of the best answers goes something like this:

* The No vote is successful
* The evil Tories are split into warring factions
* David Cameron is forced out as Prime Minister
* The Capitalist Right take over the Tory Party
* A General Election is called
* Corbyn’s Labour Party wins
* Corbyn opens up a popularist “left agenda”
* On the back of this agenda the capitalist left prosper and grow in influence
* The People’s Assembly becomes a 21st century Soviet
* The capitalist left takes control of the Assemblies
* Parliament becomes marginalised
* “All power to the people’s assemblies” and “no more war and austerity” are the slogans of the moment
* Political power flows to the assemblies
* One of the left-factions takes control
* The leader of one of the left factions takes control
* Socialists are imprisoned
* The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square is replaced with one of Lenin
* All in time for the October 2017 celebrations

Is there a better answer?

"The first as tragedy, then as farce", (Marx, THE 18TH BRUMAIRE OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE)

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